Eco friendly cleaning products

Browse our very popular range of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We stock many local producers such as Frocester Fayre, Jess’s, Fat Toni pizzas, Godsell’s cheese, Jim Dickenson’s honey and more.

Newspapers and Magazines

Dairy Products

A range of papers and magazines can be ordered. Please ask our staff.

We supply free range Eggs, milk and dairy products.

We sell a wide range of products

In addition to the products you see below we sell a  vast selection of

frozen items, tinned and dry groceries, crisps and snacks, cold meat, tea, coffee, cereals, grains, pasta, stock cubes, seasonings, drinks, cakes, homemade conserves and more.  A popular item is our frozen bread which takes 15 minutes to bake at home.

Arts and Crafts

We invite local crafts makers to sell their goods at the shop and you can buy handmade toys, jewellery, knitwear, baby clothes, soap, pottery and more.

Organic and Vegan Products

We stock a good range organic, vegetarian, gluten free and vegan products. Please ask our staff.

Local Food

We now stock DAY’S COTTAGE pure apple juice.  Pressed on the family Brookthorpe from unsprayed orchards.

We also have new flavours of delicious Home Made Jams, Marmalades and Chutneys made from locally grown produce.

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Thank you all for your support

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