Local Postcards on sale

We have beautifully designed local postcards, which are promoting the local scenes of Stroud district.  They are suitable for any occasion and you don’t have to be a visitor to send them.  They can be used as thank you notes or sent to family.

They are £3.50 for a set or 5

Our Latest News

Refurbishments Finished

We are very grateful to all our funders, volunteers and tradesmen who have worked so hard to complete these improvements, which have made the shop and cafe a more attractive place to meet and shop. (Please click on Fundraising Page to see our pics)

Our Exciting New Balcony Project

The Management Committee will soon start fundraising for £30,000 for the development of  an outside balcony to extend the cafe.  

This will expand the capacity of the cafe and will be carried out in partnership with the Parish Council.    Watch the website for more detail on our Fundraising Page

New Shop Sign Installed

Look out for our new bright sign for Ruscombe and Whiteshill Village Shop which is now in place on the outside of the building.

Arts and Crafts  

The Arts and Crafts dresser (left)  is being developed and lots of local talented people bring in their products to sell with a 20% commission to the shop.  We have an amazing selection of different crafts for sale and an interesting selection of cards. So do come and browse and get some ideas for presents!.